Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Know Thy Self, Accept , and Love You!

We are All Royalty

My focus in Ashe' Natural Hair is to explore Natural Hair as a way of Life from a holistic perspective and promote the “natural” lifestyle in the spirit of Ma'at. My purpose is: to bring the Overstanding of The Most High into everyday life through the knowing, embracing and acceptance of self . Isn't it amazing that when you're happy your hair grows and when you're not it seems to be at a stand still. Least I say be stressed and it "falls " out. We put our hair and bodies in a "dis-eased" state. How? By what we eat, think, drink, and allow. We were made perfect and whole. Your beautiful coiled, kinky, nappy, hair is on purpose! If you're Nubian.

My salon is a sanctuary to ALL that come to my door. Incense burning and candles, bowflex , gazelle, ab lounger, and wholistic food being delivered. Vegan, vegetarian or Live. My clients come in and I often hear" this is different". "There's a vibe here like I've never felt before "or "this place feels like church , it's peaceful."

I have a Television that I use for educational documentaries Only .. sorry no soap operas in Ashe'! My new clients ask" Queen, do you watch the t.v.?" I answer as my father use to say "nope you've got to limit the amount of garbage you take in. If your brain is cluttered your hair won't grow!!  (Nothing will) I think to myself...you must sound like a broken record to everyone in your reach. I preach the same concepts every day. Eat healthy, meaning Eat to live not live to eat, drink enough water, preferably alkaline , exercise, and detox.

Read something, as your mind is a muscle as well. Feed your spirit, meaning center your self in meditation and listen to your Spiritual source. Breathe slowly...... in and out 3 times.. Reset!

Being a true advocate for living a "beautiful life/my livity "and examining what constitutes one, there seems to be a few essential components. Out of all of these, the primary principle that comes up again and again for me is "Peace ". Hair being natural gives one that. Especially Nubian ladies.
No chemical burns, no standing in the mirror with bad hair days, no jumping up about to have a nervous break down cause you over slept and no time to curl your hair. No gotta put off your date cause your hair isn't done. No HAIR DRAMA.. It's hilarious the things our hair puts us through!

Now in my mind I have distinguished levels that constitute degrees of Acceptance if you will. It goes something like this- from the lower to the higher levels. In the infancy stages: adorable and cute i.e. as a baby/child. Next you work on "be-coming" attractive, fine, handsome or even gorgeous as you are an adolescent/young woman or man discovering your attractiveness . As you become a mature adult you should become more secure in your identity and focus more on being attractive from the "inside/out"; your inner beauty and spiritually. Pending on your exposure to groundness.. meaning knowing you. This represents a certain depth of "Being". At this level, you know that being radiant, healthy and clean from the inside will manifest itself as Attractive . When you sit firmly in this place long enough you are no longer "becoming" beautiful/ handsome. You are! Society has a way of making us feel less attractive. If our bodies aren't a certain size or our hair straight, or our incomes not to a place of all the bling and designer fashion. What's wrong with just being you? What's wrong with EXHALING?

I believe that "Peace" within your Soul and Being is the source that creates true ATTRACTIVENESS.. It doesn't come in a box, it's not going to burn and it surely doesn't make your hair fall out.. Need I say more? Until next time .. Love and Nappiness. Ashe'!

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