Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ashe' Models Walk and Wine

Ashe' Natural Hair Care Salon's beautiful and suave models 
walked  the runway September 21, 2014 at DeJavu Restaurant in
downtown Memphis , Tenn. They showcased the fly  natural hairstyles of the "Master Loctician Queen" and flossed the one of a kind chic and sultry clothing known as  "Bornatty" of Martone Evans. The owner of  Ashe' and Ms.Evans actually met about ten years ago at a Natural Hair show in Atlanta Ga.The two power houses decided to  collaborate and raise money for a charitable cause, and as fate would have it the recipient of the affair ended up being one  of Dejavu ' s own. The entertainment  for the evening  was rendered from Memphis's own Brandon Cortez whose reggae/neo soul flavor was a true delight. The spoken word was given by Jamalo of Brothas Keepa.There was a flavorful wine tasting all the way from New York. Shah Gibson brought a sweet sorrel, and floral pineapple that tickled the taste buds and had the guest asking for more. The cosmic energy was high and blessed with Artistic Healing Expressions, beautiful arm cuffs , rings, earrings and  bracelets. The delicious cuisine for the evening was prepared by the Number 1 Creole  Soul food and vegaterian Restaurant Dejavu'..If you missed it and time would not  permit your presence , "No Worries" !Stay tuned in to Ashe' and Bornatty. .

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